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    Announcing the 2019 NADE Conference

   March 6-9, Atlanta, GA

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From our NADE President
CHAPTERS:  Spread the word to your members!

On behalf of the NADE Executive Board, I invite you to join NADE for our 43rd Annual Conference. Make plans now to join us March 6-9, 2019, in Atlanta, Georgia—at the beautiful Atlanta Marriott Marquis Hotel — a recently redesigned hotel in the heart of the downtown Atlanta area. It’s considered a leading destination for dining, shopping, and shares a beautiful view of Atlanta.
The conference theme this year is Prepared for Takeoff! The theme’s focus is intended to provide NADE attendees with current trends, advice and a wealth of best practices from our field to address all of the recommended reform changes. The conference committee has been working hard to develop an incredible selection of workshops and speakers to renew and motivate you!

So, do not miss out! Make plans now to join us In Atlanta, Georgia to celebrate and share in the great work being done by developmental educators all across this nation and by our partners around the world.
Deborah Daiek
NADE President

Numerous chapters will hold conferences/meetings in the next few months. Thank you to all the conference planning team members and the work they are doing to prepare and deliver a meaningful experience for developmental educators.  Here is a list of chapters and their conference dates.  If your chapter has a conference/meeting this spring and are not listed here, please let me know:

MRADE   September 26-28  http://mrade.org/index.html
MNADE   September 27-28  http://www.mnade.net/
TASSR    October 4-5     https://www.eventbrite.com/e/tassr-annual-  conference-2018-2019-tickets-42775689238?
NCADE    October 7-9     http://ncade.net/conferences/ncade-2018/
FDEA       October 17-19  https://www.myfdea.net/copy-of-38th-annual-conference
MDEC      October 18-19 http://www.mdec.net/
ALADE     October 19      http://www.aladenet.org/index.html
IDEA        October 25-26 https://www.dmacc.edu/idea/SitePages/Fall_Preview.aspx
CoADE    October 26     http://www.coade-colorado.org/
SWADE   October 27    https://swadedeved.weebly.com/
TADE       October         CASP-Texas.com  
OKADE    November 1-2  https://okade.weebly.com/        
LAANE     November 2     http://www.laanechapter.org/events/2018-annual-conference
MADE      November 8-9  http://www.mymade.org/
KADE       November 8-9  http://www.the-kade.net/

NADE is pleased to announce a our offering of a series of webinars! Below is a list of webinars coming in the months ahead.  Additional webinars are also being scheduled. The upcoming schedule is as follows:

  • September:  Using Mindfulness Practices as a Holistic Approach to Learning, Presenter Suzanne Shaffer, September 26, 2:00 p.m. EST

  • October:  A Conversation with Dr. Vincent Tinto, October 3, 2018, 1:00 p.m. Eastern Time   From Retention to Completion: A Conversation with Dr. Vincent  Tinto

"'To promote greater degree completion, institutions have to ask not only how they should act to retain their students but also how they should act so that more of their students want to persist to completion' To understand how to do so colleges and universities have to adopt the student perspective and see their experiences through their eyes.”

Join NADE for a conversation with Dr. Vincent Tinto.  The previous questions will be addressed as well as several submitted from NADE members.  Time permitting, Dr. Tinto will answer your additional questions, regarding student success and completion.

  • December:  Best Practices of Postsecondary Peer Learning Programs, Presenter David Arendale, December 5, 2018, 2:00 p.m. EST 
  • January:  Developmental Education: Professionalism, Politics, and Practice with Dr. Patrick Saxon, January 25, 2019, 2:00 p.m. Eastern Time

For more information or to register for these webinars, please visit NADE's Events page:  
We look forward to seeing you on these webinars!f

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